Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tweet Tweet or Twit Twit?

It happened. I don't know how it happened but it happened. Everybody brace yourselves. There's no easy way to say this.....................

I joined Twitter.

I have been avoiding this for about four years now. I am a techy guy. I love technology. I once took apart my entire laptop and put it back together without instructions. I was one of the first people to say "You gotta check out this new video on Youtube." I joined Myspace, left Myspace, joined Facebook, enjoyed Facebook. But this Twitter thing. I didn't get it. It's like a mini version of Facebook. My friend said it best: "What's next, micro-Twitter? Where they only allow you to use one word?" It's funny but is it really that far away?

Alas, everybody loves Twitter and I'm not going to be left behind. In a week I'll probably love it. I probably won't be able to do anything but tweet. Right now though? All I can think is "Someone's going to buy this program for 500 million dollars" ??? Baffling.

For you Twitterers, you can follow Scriptshadow updates here: @Scriptshadow. I think that's how you say it, right? Somebody help.