Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming Up This Week

I think I'm going to start out this week with one of our reader's suggestions: The Treehouse Gang. This is a script that sold last year for a ton of money described as: What if the Goonies grew up and went on another adventure? Very cool premise. And since the writer wrote one of my favorite movies from last year, the undiscovered gem "Outsourced," I have to say I'm going in with high expectations. Another spec that a lot of people have been talking about is "Broken Amber," about a witness protection program that hides people in the past. Great premise. Would like to know if they executed it. I have a few other ideas but you guys are welcome to send in your suggestions. Also, please continue to check out my "Scripts I'm Looking For" section under my Top 25 List. At the top are "Orbit", about a civilian who gets a chance to go up in the space shuttle only to have all the other astronauts die (Castaway in Space?) and "Aaron and Sara", about a nerd and a popular girl trying to survive 4 years of high school. I know it sounds cliche but I promise you it won't be. David O' Russel (Three Kings, Spanking The Monkey, I Heart Huckabees, the infamous outtake from I Heart Huckabees) is directing. So I know the script will be odd.

And of course if you get your hands on something hot, send it my way. If the buzz is strong, I'll do a FedEx review. That's all for now. See everybody Monday.

EDIT: A couple of corrections. Aaron and Sara is actually the new title of a script from last year called BFF. Also, the writer of The Treehouse Gang did not write the version of Outsourced I was referring to. Regardless, go rent this movie now. I promise you'll laugh. :) Outsourced.