Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's! - heh heh heh

Okay, this probably went WAY over some of your heads. But "Inception", the script review I posted yesterday, is currently the Holy Grail of scripts. It's impossible to get. As of this moment, there's only one copy, and it's on Christopher Nolan's computer. Or more likely printed out and kept in a safe. So the idea of me getting my hands on it is kinda ridiculous. But it was sure fun to come up with the story! Sorry for having to perpetuate the lie for so long. And I actually received a lot of nice e-mails telling me to keep my head up. Thank you! It made me feel terrible. So I'm finally coming clean. Inception was an April Fool's Day joke. I'm not in any trouble. :)

Now if I may, let me indulge a little, and recall some of my favorite parts of the review.

-"The movie revolves around a man named JACOB HASTLEY, 34, a scientist and recent paraplegic who's considering suicide." -- Hahaha! This actually sounds pretty good. When I read it back I thought, 'That's a role Leonardo Dicaprio would probably want to play.' (DiCaprio is attached to play the lead in the film).

-"These first traveling scenes to other solar systems and galaxies are some of the highlights of the script. Nolan takes us to worlds that defy everything we know about physics and matter and space and time. It's hard to describe it but he writes it as if we are inside of his mind, thinking it, just like he is. It is such a risky choice as a writer and like nothing I've ever seen on the page but it totally pays off." -- I think I laughed non-stop for fifteen minutes coming up with this.

But my all time favorites have to be these two:

-"KANSAS is a dog-whisperer who seems to have an otherworldly connection with the animals she teaches...And then there's ISABELL, a blind woman who will stop at nothing to see again." -- Come on guys! lol. If that didn't give it away.

To be honest, the concept sounds vaguely like it could work. I explored the mind-universe idea in one of my own scripts, so I know it has potential. I apologize to everyone for going that extra mile and e-mailing them that this was not an April Fool's joke. But, you know, it's April Fool's! So you're allowed to add lies on top of your lies. Think of it this way. An ex-girlfriend once played an April Fool's "joke" on me where she told me she was pregnant. And didn't back off until the end of the day! So you guys got off easy. Before I leave though, I'd like to leave you with one last favorite from the review...

-"Inception has a purpose. Jacob must find the truth behind the origin of the universe (its "inception") before the other travelers catch up to him." -- hahahaha. I loved throwing the title in there, as if that gave it more credibility. lol

I've put the original review back up. It's under the Breach and Clear review. Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes. I promise not to do this again until next year. :)