Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Update

Some good news about the upcoming week. I'll be getting back to the present and reviewing four - count'em FOUR - recently sold specs. As you may have noticed, we're getting some cease and desist orders on the script postings, which means those of you checking in late don't get a chance to read them. I usually post around midnight Pacific time, but if you want that up to the second notification, follow me on Twitter. You'll know as soon as the newest review is posted.

Don't forget to always check my "Scripts Wanted" list to the right there. I just added "Conviction". Loved the script from the same writer I'll be reviewing next week. Dying to read his previous sale. Does anybody have "Signals" or "Doomsday Protocol?" Should I just give up on them? I'm also looking for any Nicholl-winning screenplays not named Butter. Preferably pre-2008, as I have all of last years.

Thanks to all who've have used the script consultation service. You've made me very busy. For those interested in getting some awesome notes on your latest spec, please contact me for prices. I'm booked this week but have openings the week after.

Time for some shut-eye so I can watch the French Open tomorrow. :)