Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Update

Take a look over to the right there. There's a whole crop of new specs I'm looking for. I know some of you have'em, so fire up that e-mail and send'em my way.

Some of you have been nice enough to occasionally write me with suggestions. Keep them coming. Even though I can only review one script a day, I try to get to anything that's highly recommended.

For no good reason, here is the "Downloading Box Office" on my last 10 reviews...

1) Unbound Captives
2) Passengers
3) Kristy
4) Aaron and Sara
5) You Again
6) Orbit
7) A Couple Of Dicks
8) Dubai
9) Parasite
10) Paper Wings

I'm quite surprised that a period film got the most downloads. I'm curious as to why this script was downloaded more than the others. Was it the 5 million dollar price tag that intrigued you? Or was it the subject matter?