Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Update

Here I am, back to making these darn lists. Believe me, I'm trying my hardest to be more disorganized. If you have questions or comments about any of these, e-mail me at Thanks!

1) Script Analysis - A lot of you have been asking me if I’ll read your scripts and as much as I’d love to, there are simply too many scripts and not enough time. I do, however, offer a script analysis service. If you’re interested, please e-mail me for rates. I have everything from a simple 2 page tune-up to a complete 8 page breakdown.

2) Comment All Ye Faithful - I understand that a lot of you are having trouble leaving comments. Apparently you post and nothing shows up. I have no idea why this is happening but I’m looking into it. If anyone knows how to fix this, please e-mail me.

3) New Look - Check out the new look. So many people had been complaining about the white on black that I finally made a change. Although there was one user in the comments section who hated it, the general response has been positive. What do you think?

4) Scriptshadow Is Needy - First of all, I want to thank everyone who has sent me a script off my "Need" list over to the right there. I love you. Honestly. But I must call on you again. A couple of those titles are burning a hole in my blog and it is up to you dear readers to put an end to it. I've added a couple of new ones to the list (Reapers and Fools Rush In) so you may yet be able to help.

5) Any Suggestions? - Is there a spec script you've been wanting me to review? Is there something good that you can't believe I haven't read yet? Well darnit, suggest it here in the comments section. If there's enough demand, I will read it! I will!

6) On Tap - This week should be fun. I’ll be posting another horror review. I have a script that made my blood boil I hated it so much. I might have a guest review for one of the most controversial scripts of 2008. Let’s just say it was a Nicholl winner. I have a big sci-fi spec sale from awhile back. And finally, via Tarson Meads’ suggestion, I have a script based on a city. So get ready. And keep leaving those comments (if you can).