Thursday, May 28, 2009

Horror and The Scriptshadow Challenge

A couple of quick things. First off, horror. I know you've been demanding it, but my horror aficionados are busy. Which means *I'm* the only one left to brave the genre. As I've pointed out before, I'm not the biggest horror fan. But I'm a huge *story* fan. I like good stories, no matter what the genre. So for you - the people - I'm going to read a horror script for next week. But I want suggestions. Give me something GOOD. Not some excuse to throw fake blood on people. No, I will not review The Strangers 2. That is exactly the kind of script I *don't* want to read. So give it to me. Horror, zombies, etc. I want something that's going to make me say, "Hmm, this horror stuff isn't so bad. I want to read more of it."

Also, as some of you have noticed, it's that time of month. No, not *that* time of month. But the time of month for The Scriptshadow Challenge! Woo-hoo! Scott Myers and I from Go Into The Story give you guys a script to download, a week to read it, and then we all get to review the thing instead of just me. So be looking for that tomorrow morning. Scott and I have chosen a script that will surely provoke some discussion. I wonder what it's going to be. :)