Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Top 25!

So the other day I was thinking about my Top 25, and I realized something.  Many of the scripts in my Top 10 were scripts I'd read a thousand scripts ago.  I was holding onto them mainly because they were already in the Top 10, and I was too much of a wimp to place anything above them. I also realized that a lot of them were comedies, and while I definitely love laughing, the scripts themselves hadn't stayed with me the way many of these other scripts have stayed with me.  For that reason, I decided to completely revamp my list, starting from the top, and favor those scripts that still resonated with me today, whose scenes I could still imagine, whose characters I still remembered as if I'd just read them yesterday.  So, if you look over to the right there, you'll see my brand new Top 25 list.  This is also a good reminder that I'll be revamping  the Reader Top 25 as well.  So catch up on your reading and get prepared to vote!