Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congrats to Scriptshadow Reader

Just wanted to send out a little love to longtime Scriptshadow reader Gary Milin for his Amazon Studios screenwriting win.  His script "Sky Pirates" won the top prize.  The logline is: "In 1940, a US airship is sent on a top secret mission into the uncharted African interior in order to intercept a Nazi Zeppelin involved in an archeological expedition that could make Hitler’s armies invincible"  Shane Black was one of the guest judges and you can read the script here.  I have not read Sky Pirates yet, but I have read several drafts of "Killer Role," a comedy of his about a college student who must harbor the daughter of a Russian crime syndicate during Thanksgiving, and liked it a lot (Killer Role is also available on Amazon).  Anyway, it's always good to see Scriptshadowers do well so good job Gary. :)