Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tracking Board and It's On The Grid!

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Hey guys.  So I've been chatting with my friends over at The Tracking Board and It's On The Grid and have set up another opportunity for you to get a nice discount on subscriptions to each.  For those who don't know what a tracking board is, it's a private online site that provides insider industry information. They tell you which spec scripts are being sent around town, which specs are selling, which are failing to sell, which writers are picking up assignments, which scripts are getting heat, what studios they’re getting heat at, etc. etc. As a writer, this is really valuable information. Being able to track which genres and concepts are flooding the market, and where they ultimately end up (or don't end up), is an essential component to choosing how you want to approach the market with your own screenplay.

People often ask me how I know about all these scripts, how I choose which scripts I'm going to review, how I keep tabs on all these projects.  Well, I'm officially revealing my magic trick.  I get my info from The Tracking Board.  If you’re serious about the craft of screenwriting (or becoming an agent, manager, producer, etc), if you want to excel in not just the writing side of this business, but the selling side, it’s a good idea to join at least one tracking board. Now for the month of June, I've set up a deal with The Tracking Board to bring their annual rate of $79 down to $59 for Scriptshadow readers.  Make sure to go through this link below to get the discount.

$59 FOR 1-YEAR
(note: Password will be sent to you within 24 hrs of sign-up)

Now if you're super-serious about writing and want to take an even bigger step, you should check out It's On The Grid, which is basically an up-to-date screenwriting version of IMDB, tracking all the projects out there in detail.  A couple of great things about It's On The Grid are its inclusion of up-do-date open writing assignment info as well as a studio/agency style searchable database.  This is the kind of information that Hollywood has kept to itself for over 80 years.  You would not have been able to find it as an "outsider" just two years ago.  If you're interested in The Grid, The Tracking Board has partnered up with them to give you a combo annual subscription price of $299.  However, if you sign up through Scriptshadow via the link below, you can get it for $247.  Happy gobs of new screenwriting information everyone!  I'll be leaving this deal up through the end of the week. 

(note: Password will be sent to you within 24 hrs of sign-up)

Note: I've been informed some of you are having trouble getting the Paypal link to work.  If you're having problems, feel free to e-mail The Tracking Board, mention Scriptshadow, and they'll get you signed up at the discount.  You can reach them here: info@tracking-board.com