Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Second Holiday Shopping and The Wish List!

First of all, I know this has already made its way through the screenwriting community, but I still thought I should post it.  Some of the jokes here are misses but there are a couple of really good ones.  My favorite by far is "Escalation."  Basically, if you're sick of all these end-of-the-year screenwriting lists, you'll want to check out "The Wish List."

Also, if you're like me, you've put off all your holiday shopping til the last minute.  Well, it's time to jack into that Amazon account and order some DVDs.  Here are a bunch of staples as well as some deals!

THE TOWN (blu-ray/dvd combo) $19.99 - Really liked this flick.  Should fare well on my Yearly Top 10 list next week.

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS (blu-ray) $11.99 - I just re-watched Pulp Fiction the other day and man did I not appreciate the greatness of that film the first time around.  I was much better prepared to recognize the awesome in Inglorious Basterds.

 STAR TREK BOX SET (dvd) $44.49 - Six of what many consider to be the best Trek films.  None of this pansy wansy Chris Pine nonsense in these puppies. 

JUDD APATOW ORGASM-FEST (blu-ray) $25.99 - Three of Apatow's creations, including comedy juggernauts 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up.  

ROCKY - THE UNDISPUTED COLLECTION (blu-ray) $47.99 - The entire Rocky collection in Blu-Ray??  Holy shit.  Oh, by the way, you can't pay them to not include Rocky 5.  Trust me, I tried!

LOST: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (blu-ray) 178.99 - I still think that final episode was the best ending to any series ever.  

STAR WARS: THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY (dvd) - $22.49 - For the one person who still doesn't have this yet.  By the way, when is this thing coming out on Blu-Ray again?  Come on George!

THE WIZARD OF OZ (70TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) (blu-ray) $13.99 - No Wicked.  No origin of Oz b.s.  The original baby!

THE OTHER GUYS (blu-ray/dvd combo) - $22.99 - This movie was pretty funny.  Easily Mark Whalberg's best performance of his career.  A comedic tour-de-force!

STONE (blu-ray) $23.99 - I'll be honest.  I have no idea what this movie is.  I just saw De Niro and Norton on the cover and said, "What the hell are these two doing in a movie together that I've never heard of before?"  Is this is a biopic of Oliver Stone?  Someone tell me what this is. 

INCEPTION (blu-ray) $16.99 - I have a love hate relationship with this film.  It jumps in and out of my Yearly Top 10 on an hourly basis. 

BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY 25th ANNIVERSARY ON BLU-RAY! (blu-ray) $38.99 - And we finish off with a classic.  Did you know Back To The Future is in my top 3...OF ALL TIME?!  I love it so much that I watch the second two movies and convince myself that they're actually good.