Thursday, December 9, 2010


What?  You can't stand waiting for the 2010 Black List?  Me neither.  Which is why I present to you The Hit List!  What is this "hit" list you ask?  I'll let the guys over at The Tracking Board give you the in-depth breakdown.  But basically they realized that one of the biggest weaknesses of The Black List was how much studio generated content was on it.  What if you created a list...that only ranked the best SPEC SCREENPLAYS of the year?  Ahhhh?  Now we're talking.

There were over 400 spec scripts that went out this year and over 250 Development Executives, Producers, Writers, Agents, Managers, Directors, and Assistants who voted on which of those they liked the best.  So the voting pool is pretty comprehensive.  I voted myself (although I'd only read 40 of the 400 scripts on the list).  Anyway, it's pretty interesting to see which ones did well.  No doubt some finished high because of the sheer volume of people who read them, but there were definitely some surprises that I was happy to see do well.

Since it's impossible to publish a "best of" script list these days without a few jokes being made, I WILL approve your jokes, but only if they're funny and don't personally offend me.

To download the list, head on over to The Tracking Board. I'll address my feelings about some of the rankings in the comments section below.  Meet me there!