Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Golden Globes - Screenwriting Noms

The snarkiness continues! The Golden Globes were announced today and low and behold, I've read all five of the scripts nominated for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. However I can't be that snarky because three of the five are really fucking good. This might be the best job they've ever done with screenplay nominations for this event. I will now rank them from worst to best.

5) INCEPTION by Christopher Nolan - It's the Globes, so of course they have to nominate the super-movie with Leo and Fanbody Giant Nolan. But man, this is not a good script. It actually hurts your head to read it, and not in a good way. It definitely makes you think, and the time twisting nature of the narrative makes it seem like it's a lot more intelligent than it is, but this is one of the laziest treatments of exposition I've ever read in a mainstream film. This should not have been nominated.

4) 127 HOURS Simon Beaufoy - I'm baffled that this would be on here. Seems like people remember Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire and just assume this deserves the same treatment. The reality is, this is a film. It's not something that plays well on paper. A guy, all alone, stuck against a rock. That's not a fun read. I love Beaufoy and can't wait for Salmon Fishing to get made, but this wasn't for me.

3) THE KING'S SPEECH by 75 year old David Seidler - Hooray! This is totally deserving of a nomination and a great underdog story for both the author and the protagonist. It goes to show the power of the underdog device and how it can work in any situation, even the stuffy atmosphere of early 20th century England. I have this at 3, but it has an outside chance of winning.

2) THE SOCIAL NETWORK by Aaron Sorkin - What?? I'm putting my cherished Social Network at Number 2?? Here's the thing, the movie didn't live up to the script for me. Jesse Eisenberg. Man. He was one really unlikable dude. Couldn't muster up any enthusiasm to root for him. I know that shouldn't affect how I view the script but it does. People wrote and called me out for not reviewing the film like I said I would, but note that The Social Network did make my Top 10 of the year, so I will get a chance to talk about it before 2011. Despite my feelings for the film, this is a virtual lock for the grand prize. The script has been lauded since Day 1.

1) THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT by Lisa Cholodenko - I just love this script. The more I look back on it, the more I fall in love with it. Every character in this story comes alive. And when you finish it, you just feel good about life, like you want to go and hug somebody - not that you'd actually do that. This is my underdog dark horse for the competition. I hope voters see it the same way I do.

So, what do you guys think?  Worthy?  Who wins?  What did they leave out?