Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buried With Cancer

Two pieces of screenwriting news today. Alex over at Firstshowing.net has a couple of pictures from the set of "Buried", one of my 5 favorite screenplays of the year. If you remember, I did a little review of the script not too long ago. I think the set pictures look great and wow, I realized they're going to be able to put this together lightning fast. I could even see this being ready by the end of the year. When they plan to release it though is another question.

In other news, McAvoy will play opposite Seth Rogan in the movie "I'm With Cancer", the 2008 Black List entry that is one of the only scripts off that list I didn't read. A good friend has read it however, and it's apparently a very humorous look at cancer. It's not a big downer by any stretch. The bigger question is the one all of us are thinking...didn't Seth Rogan just do this movie? Maybe he has a mancrush on McAvoy or something. He is rather dashing. One other note: Rogen is producing. Which now has him involved in 18 quadrillion projects. If you think I should review this on the site, let me know in the comments.