Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Repped Week Begin!

Wow. So I received over 150 submissions for this little experiment. I want to thank you guys for the overwhelming response. It's a bit humbling. I felt a bit like an agent myself, shifting through the loglines, trying to figure out which scripts to read. It wasn't fun. All of you said such nice things, I wanted to read all 150. Of course, that would put us well into 2010 before I had time to post again, so I had to nix that idea. Still, choosing 5 out of 150 wasn't easy. I wanted to pick five different genres, but at the same time, I didn't want to pick a script in a genre I disliked as I knew that would probably result in a negative review. And I didn't want to give any negative reviews. But this is a review site. Not a pat-you-on-the-back-and-tell-you-you're-awesome site. So even though I got about 50 loglines that I thought, "hmm, this could be good," I went with the five I thought had the best chance of being great, funny, compelling, interesting, or all four. And I was going to review them as honestly as possible. Shall we see how it turned out?