Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday Update

Okay, so it's time to join you guys in the 21st Century. I went back in time this week and it wasn't always pleasant. Three of the scripts I pretty much hated. And the fourth took four hours to read. This week's crop of screenplays should be much more enjoyable. A couple of them were sold just this month, and the others are well-known projects around town. So that should be fun.

Take a look over at my "Script Request" list. I've added quite a few in the last couple of days. Alexander Payne's latest, "Downsizing." Two scripts from Max Winkler (who wrote one of my faves, "The Ornate Anatomy Of Living Things" and one of my least faves "The Adventurer's Handbook.") Bel Ami, which is a Robert Pattinson movie set in France. Beautiful Girl, which just sold yesterday. Chief Ron, which sold Wednesday I believe. And I'm still looking for The Originals and O'Gunn. In order to keep the list short, I'm taking a few off, Inception being one of them, which I think is a lost cause. So if you enjoy reading the site and have access to any of these scripts, give a little back so we can stay on the cutting edge of these sales.

Booked this week with consulting, but have openings the following week. If you're interested, e-mail me for prices.