Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Update

Ohhh nooooo. It's a sad day. That's because "The Hangover" has to come off of my Top 25 list. Only unproduced scripts are allowed in the precious Top 25. I remember a year ago when I first read the script. I thought, "They should definitely make this." Sure enough, they already were. The movie made 15 million on Friday which will probably put it at 45 for the weekend, beating the doomed from the beginning "Land Of The Lost", which I reviewed a long time ago here. Not a very good idea and not a well-executed script. You need more in your story than "Will Ferrel runs from dinosaur." I hope the producers and studio that made this realize that now.

As for The Hangover, it appears to have changed a lot from the original script. I don't remember a tiger and I don't remember a baby. I'll also admit that I didn't laugh during any of the trailers. So I'm not sure if the changes they made were any good. You had a great script. Why fuck around with it? Still, the core idea behind The Hangover is great, and it seems that's what audiences responded to. If any of you saw the movie, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

This upcoming week is going to be a little different. On Monday I'll have my second interview with someone from my Top 10 list. He's provided some great and insightful answers to a bunch of questions. You young screenwriters are going to love this. I'm also going to review what many consider to be the two best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood: Harrow Alley and The Visitor. There's a slim chance that I'll have a guest reviewer for a very controversial Nicholl winner - someone I've been trying to get to review a script since I started the site. I'm hoping this will finally be the day. And as for Friday, well, why don't you decide which script I review. Here are five choices...

1) Umbra - Paranoid thriller that just sold this past week.
2) Conviction - The other script that sold from the writer of "Rites Of Men"
3) The Baster - Comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman
4) Brooklyn's Finest - The big sale from Sundance
5) Men Who Stare At Goats - Weird script to star George Clooney