Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Choose this month's Scriptshadow Challenge script

Leave your pick in the comments section, my e-mail, Scott's site, or Scott's e-mail. Please do not e-mail me asking for any of these scripts unless you're my BFF. How do you become my BFF? By sending me newly sold specs. Duh.

Here are the choices...

"Kidnap" (Knate Gwaltney): After her son is kidnapped at a local mall, a woman embarks on a chase to save him. Genre: Thriller

"Witchita" (Patrick O'Neill): Story revolves around a single chick who has terrible luck with men, but meets a mysterious, handsome man on a blind date. The mysterious man is actually a secret agent who pops in and out of the woman’s life. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz attached. Genre: Action-Comedy

"Father of Invention" (Trent Cooper, Johnathan Krane & Nicole Beattie): Story centers on a humble inventor-turned-egomaniacal billionaire who loses it all when one of his inventions goes horribly awry. After eight years in federal prison, he returns bankrupt, homeless and determined to rebuild his reputation and fortune. Kevin Spacey attached. Genre: Comedy

"The True Memoirs of an International Assassin" (Jeff Morris): After a publisher changes a writer's debut novel about a deadly assassin from fiction to nonfiction, the author finds himself thrust into the world of his lead character, and must take on the role of his character for his own survival. Genre: Action-Thriller

"The Heartbreaker" (Alec Ward): Comedy about a guy hired to break hearts. Genre: Comedy