Sunday, March 1, 2009

Script Of The Month - February

I will be awarding a script of the month every month. I know you guys don't have nearly as much time as I do. So I'll single out my favorite script of the previous 30 days and give it my stamp of approval. Because 500 Days of Summer and Source Code don't count (I originally reviewed those on another site) this month I'm giving the award to "Extract," Mike Judge's severed balls comedy. It narrowly beats out Bumped, She's Out Of My League, and The Sitter. Whereas all three of those scripts ended stronger, the first half of Judge's story is so funny, it ultimately steals the prize. For anyone trying to create better comedic characters, use Mike Judge's scripts as your bible. Nobody creates more vivid more hilarious people than this master of comedy.

Sadly, nobody was good enough to break into the Top 10. Maybe in March. :)