Sunday, March 22, 2009

Non-Reviewed Top 25 Scripts Part 2

Okay folks, just like before, here are the script summaries for the latter half of my top 25 scripts (except for the ones already reviewed on the site). Almost every single one is available to download. Just click on the link in the top 25 list. There's some great stuff here. Hope to help you find a good read.

The Oranges
Genre: Dark Comedy
This was numero 2 on the 2008 Black List behind that silly Badger Puppet script, and in my opinion, a much better read! Taking place in suburbia, a man falls in love with his neighbor's (and best friend's) college daughter. But instead of trying to hide it, they come clean to their respective families. Usually, these movies are about sneaking around. So the twist of it being out in the open allows them to explore a whole new area of comedy.

Strange Skies
Genre: Very Dark Comedy
I've actually had some arguments with people about this one. It's about a married man whose wife is pushing him to start a family. He doesn't want to so he...pretends to have cancer. Yes, you heard that right. Watching this character delve deeper and deeper into his lie makes this read both horrifying and fascinating. You simply cannot look away. I loved this script but understand why it might turn others off

37th Dimension
Genre: Wild Fucked-up Action/Gangster
I read this going on the title alone and was not disappointed. This script is what would happen if Guy Ritchie had sex with Quentin Tarantino and their baby grew up on a steady diet of heroin and acid. One of the most original scripts I've ever read. There is a turtle-man. Yes, a half-man, half-turtle. Nuff said!

Untitled Vanessa Taylor Project
Genre: Drama
Talk about going from one extreme to the other. This is about as anti-37th Dimension as you can get. Despite the single most boring title in the history of script reading, there's a lot to like here. It's about a couple in their 40s on the brink of divorce who attempt to save their marriage. It is very slow. It is mostly depressing. But if you're like me and are interested in relationships and how people who start out loving each other can grow so far apart, then this is a great script. Black List 08.

I Want To F___ Your Sister
Genre: Comedy
Moving from the single worst title in the world to the single best title, is there anything that really needs to be said about I Want to F__ Your Sister? Other than that we're all kicking ourselves for not thinking of the title first? I mean, if a script was ever going to sell on its title alone, this would be the one. A guy's hot sister starts working with him at the stock exchange. He must fend off the 11,000 crazed horny co-workers who want to fuck her.

Genre: Action
This is the script you want to study if you're trying to come up with a strong smart concept. From IMDB: "A guard for an armored truck company is coerced by his veteran coworkers to steal a truck containing $10 million." But that's just the beginning. It's best to go into this one knowing little. Contact me if you're interested.

Genre: Comedy/Action
Another great concept. Four modern-day knights (and by "modern day" we mean knights who have been knighted for things like acting and bacterial analysis) find themselves called upon to save the planet from an ancient evil force. It needs a rewrite but this *is* the modern day Ghostbusters. The wax museum scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Pictures Of You
Genre: Comedy
A high school kid finds a camera on the beach that belongs to the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. He decides to find her and profess his love. This one lacks some focus (it takes the entire movie for him to go after the girl), but I'm such a fan of the "found camera" premise and there are some hilarious scenes (accidentally getting stuck in his twin sister's closet when she's changing for example). The writer assured me he's addressing these problems in the rewrite.