Sunday, November 4, 2012

Screenplay Review - The Equalizer

Genre: Thriller
Premise: A former Black Ops soldier, Robert McCall, is trying to make a quiet life for himself, when he's inadvertently pulled into a battle with the world's most notorious Russian criminal, a man with endless resources who always gets what he wants.  And all he wants is to kill McCall.
About: Based on an 80's TV show (which I've never heard of), The Equalizer will star Denzel Washington.  Writer Richard Wenk has written a half dozen produced films, including 16 Blocks, The Mechanic, and The Expendables 2.  Don't let that fool you though.  This script is his best work to date by a million.
Writer: Richard Wenk (based on the television show by Michael Sloan).
Details: 106 pages - 1st draft (June 25th, 2012)
Status: In development

WOW!!!  This is the script/franchise Jack Reacher wishes it could've been.  One of the best scripts I've read all year.  Top notch writing in virtually every category.  But all night working on other Scriptshadow stuff (which will be revealed soon) means the review won't be up until 1:30 pm Pacific Time.  :(

Update: Due to a combination of my laziness and some polite e-mails asking me not to review this yet, I'm going to hold off and review it another time.  But there is a new script review up today.  Go check out Stephanie here!

Sorry for all the foreplay and no climax!  In short, though, this script was awesome!!!

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What I learned: Just a wonderful way to add backstory and depth to a character by showing and not telling.  McCall is always reading books.  Eventually, we find out why.  His wife was trying to read the "100 Books You Need To Read Before You Die" before she passed away.  So now McCall's doing it, as sort of an ode to his wife.  We have physical images (the book) to SHOW us key McCall backstory (that his wife died).  Great writing!