Friday, November 2, 2012

Cool New Script Out On The Town - Sanctuary!

Awhile back I read a script called Sanctuary under strict confidentiality from writer Todd Warner.  I thought the potential was so freaking high (it felt like that "Next Matrix" everyone had been looking for since 1999) that I tried to get on the project myself, but Todd was already working with people so it was impossible.  However, I believe in the project so much that I'm unabashedly letting everyone know that this IS the next Matrix.  It's basically about this tiny percentage of people who are possessed by demons.  However, with the right training, you can learn to control your demon and actually use them to unleash powers within yourself that the average human doesn't have, such as shooting fire or moving faster than the average person, etc. etc.  It's just really cool stuff.  I also thought it was cool that Todd made his main character a woman, a way to differentiate itself from The Matrix, yet still make it familiar.  Anyway, the script went out today.  If you have it, read it!  Really hoping something good comes of it.  And if not, well, that's not so bad either.  Maybe then I'll be able to convince Todd to let me jump on board.  This is the kind of franchise potential project producers dream of.  I want to be involved! :) :) :)