Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who Wants To Sell A Script Through Scriptshadow??

Update: This is your last chance to get a script to these guys.  So far, they've been getting a lot of films with female leads, but they've decided they're specifically looking for a MALE lead 25-50 years old, multi-dimensional with some fatal flaw. Middle-aged washed-up struggling man going through a mid-life crisis like Lester in American Beauty, Miles from Sideways or Jack from Fight Club. Also think any Dan Fogelman script. If you have something like this, definitely send it to these guys!

Original Post:

As Scriptshadow continues to evolve, one of the things I want to start doing more of is giving writers more opportunities to break in.  Well, here's one of those opportunities!

I recently met an indie producer who’s looking to break into the business with his first film.  He’s looking for a low-budget dramedy in the vein of American Beauty, Little Miss Sunshine, Sideways or Crazy, Stupid, Love. On the wider range, any low-budget Sundance style drama or comedy might be of interest. The budget will probably be somewhere between 500k – 1m and he has between 20k – 50k to spend on a script.  This is a very unique opportunity since, as you all know, selling a dramedy/indie-type script through traditional Hollywood outlets is almost unheard of.  The producer would like to jump into pre-production as soon as possible, so it's a good chance to get a movie made and have an actual produced credit on your resume. Anybody can submit, even if you’re repped and have sold scripts before.  The producing team just wants to find a great script.

If you’re interested, send a PDF of your script along with your TITLE, LOGLINE, and a 2-3 page SYNOPSIS, to

Good luck everybody!!!