Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Scriptshadow Travel Day - Late Post

In my rabid attempts to find an apartment, I wasn't able to get today's review up before my 4 hour ascension to 30,000 feet.  Which means a late post.  I want to take this time, however, to thank everyone who sent me apartment prospects.  I went through ALL of them.  Unfortunately, I still haven't found a place.  I think what I'm going to do is come back here August 1st, sublet a place for a month or two, and just become an apartment-hunting Nazi.  From my experience, I've learned that you basically need to make apartment-hunting your job if you're going to find a good place. So, with that said, if you guys find anything amazing in the meantime, send it to me!  I'm still offering a script read and notes to anyone who finds me my place.  --- Now hang tight. I'll have a review up later in the day.  Oh, and no, I didn't send out this week's newsletter yet.  Too busy.