Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Ten Pages Week Coming Soon!

 "I like C.L.O.T.H.  What about you?"

Update: new thread with updated results! 

 In two weeks we're having First Ten Pages Week, where I'll review the first ten pages of five amateur scripts.  I've been working with Scriptshadow Nation in the background to determine which scripts those will be.  Due to the animated nature of the e-mails I've been receiving, I figured you guys would want a place to talk about these loglines so here they are.  The 50 loglines being voted on.  Feel free to tell us what you think. 

LOGLINE: When a prison guard falls in love with the wife of a death-row inmate, he's forced to choose between his love for her or reveal the discovery of crucial evidence that will save her husband's life.

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: An unhinged former DEA agent sneaks into Mexico (all the while being hunted by his ruthless ex partner) to get revenge on the Chief of Police/Narcotrafficker who captured and tortured him nine months earlier.

GENRE: Comedy-drama
TITLE: Stationary
LOGLINE: A businessman begins seeing Post-It Notes that give him directions on how to improve his life

Genre: Comedy
Title: Abraca-Bastard
Logline: Chuck Cleaver finally gets the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams. But as soon as things start to heat up, her ex-boyfriend who's also the Internet's hottest new magician Dane St. Clair (think Criss Angel meets David Blaine with more eye liner) rolls into town, dead set on winning her back.

GENRE: Comedy
TITLE: It's a Long Way to Tipperary
LOGLINE: When a wealthy Jewish man is buried in an Catholic cemetery
in Ireland, he comes back from the dead and forces a grave digger to
carry him to Tipperary, USA before he decomposes and his soul ends up
in hell (Sheol)

GENRE: Action/Thriller
LOGLINE: Hired by Homeland Security to envision terrorist attack scenarios, a skillful ex-soldier turned novelist, must battle anarchists when they hijack his nightmare plot to destroy new York

Genre: Action Adventure
Title: The Wreckage
Logline: A wild young woman gets seduced into a high tech, storm chasing motorcycle gang that loots and murders under the chaotic veil created by natural disasters.

GENRE: Action/Adventure
TITLE: 10/31/87
LOGLINE: Worried that his three best friends are growing apart, a 13 year-old boy convinces them to go trick-or-treating one last time in an effort to break their town's all-time trick-or-treating record and save their friendship.

GENRE: Comedy
TITLE: The Boys Are Back In Town
LOGLINE: When three friends return to college for a reunion to find their once glorious fraternity in shambles, they decide to stay to help bring the house back to prominence.

Genre: Thriller
Title: Deep Burial
Logline: Posted out to a remote nuclear waste dump site in the Australian Outback to secretly assess the mental state of the ex-addict Aboriginal worker who mans the plant, an anxious young female psychiatrist is forced into a fight for survival when they find a mysterious stranger stranded in the desert.

GENRE: Sci-Fi/Action
LOGLINE: In a near-future world shattered by an alien invasion, a lone Special Forces soldier stumbles on a group of military veterans holding their abandoned VA Hospital as the invaders lay siege.

GENRE: Science Fiction/Thriller
LOGLINE: A disturbed woman fleeing an abusive marriage finds work at an observatory in New Mexico where she discovers a relativistic attack is about to be launched against the Earth -- and she's the only one who can do anything about it.

GENRE: Comedy
TITLE: Get Fired
LOGLINE: In order to afford his girlfriend's dream house - before losing her to her rich ex-boyfriend - the too-modest Ben Douglas sets out to GET FIRED from his depressing cubicle-job so he can get his severance money.

GENRE: Action/Adventure/Sci-fi
TITLE: Bob and the Teleporting Backpack
LOGLINE: "A quirky physicist invents a teleporting backpack with the help of his wicked-smart female grad student. When the CIA and a group of Somalian terrorists find out, he and his family become their number one target."

GENRE: Horror
LOGLINE: Loggers and environmentalist must put aside their bitter differences and track down a creature which has staked a claim to their forest, and in that effort they learn nature’s number one rule: everything that eats, gets eaten.

GENRE: Action/Adventure
TITLE: The Resurrected
LOGLINE: When a hardboiled detective becomes a test subject for an ex-government scientist, he must cross the globe to save his own life and stop the protege of Nikola Tesla from conspiring with the Third Reich to unleash Tesla's most devastating weapon.

GENRE: Sci-Fi, Thriller
LOGLINE: In a future Los Angeles where each citizen is free to commit one murder without repercussion, a programmer battles the agency in charge and unveils the true motive behind its creation.

GENRE: Sci-Fi / Coming-of-age / Romance
TITLE: Sagittarius & The Crab
LOGLINE: Until he can accept that he is no longer in love with the ex who broke his heart, a hopeless romantic is stuck in a time-loop with her that will repeat itself every two days and will do so as long as he still believes she’s 'the one'.

GENRE: Comedy (R-rated)
LOGLINE: A down on his luck young man gets a part-time job as a personal driver thru Craigslist, which leads to him becoming entangled with two rival drug organizations.

GENRE: Comedy
TITLE: Finger Lickin Code
LOGLINE: Once the two most senior members of a famous chicken organization are murdered by a one-legged man, a disturbed puzzle solving whiz finds himself with a possibly schizophrenic sidekick, 11 sealed cryptexes, and one secret recipe he must save.

GENRE: Action Comedy
TITLE: Escape From Aunt Barbara
LOGLINE: A grounded college kid is forced to spend the weekend with his Aunt he hasn't seen in years, only to learn she's a super-spy.

GENRE: Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery
TITLE: A Stone Heart
LOGLINE: On the eve of the Third World War, a troubled soldier abandons the military to investigate one last lead regarding his father's mysterious death.

Genre: Drama, Crime, Sports
Title: Short of a Miracle
Logline: A basketball prodigy escapes the inner city to play collegiate basketball, but the actions of his father, a corrupt NYPD officer, threaten to derail his promising career.

GENRE: Comedy
TITLE: The Ugly Sister
LOGLINE: An ugly girl gets the chance to live life as a beautiful woman when she discovers that she and her pretty fraternal twin sister switch bodies thanks to a Hello Kitty Lip gloss mishap. As they try to live each other's lives, one is getting married and the other her PHD, while desperately seeking a remedy, their parents reveal a long-held family secret that makes the reversal impossible.

GENRE: Contemporary Noir Thriller
LOGLINE: When a sexy female private investigator in Los Angeles tracks down a femme fatale for a playboy from a famous family, she uncovers a deadly conspiracy to rob the family's fortune that may be linked to her own mysterious childhood as an abused orphan.

GENRE: Dramatic Horror
TITLE: The Lost Colony
LOGLINE: A Cartographer and his wife buy an ancient beach house in the exact location the Lost Colonists of Roanoke Island disappeared 400 years ago. They quickly experience the violent and horrible truth behind it - and they're next!

GENRE: Quirky Drama / Romance
TITLE: Plurally Inclined
LOGLINE: After one of her alter-egos seduces the guy she’s been crushing on, a shy college student with multiple personalities struggles to rid herself of her meddlesome headmates and find love on her own.

Genre: Action
Title: Hail Mary
Logline: A reformed hitwoman must return to the world of bullets and bloodshed she left behind, and take on the organization she helped build, in order to avenge the death of her younger sister

GENRE: Science fiction/thriller
LOGLINE: An airliner is forced down in the dreaded "Blue Zone": the primitive interior of America, now inhabited by predatory mutants. The survivors must fight their way out, not realizing that they, in turn, have become subjects of a genetic experiment .

Genre: Action Comedy
Title: Nice Girls Don't Kill
Logline: When a meek and universally abused copy editor is mistaken for the professional killer she accidentally bumped off, she decides to take on this violent new identity until the killer turns out to be not so dead, and very pissed off.

GENRE: Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure
TITLE: Monster World
LOGLINE: 300 years after a global tectonic catastrophe, two men and one fish travel around watery Earth ruled by giant sea monsters looking for a missing female scientist -- who's kidnapped by the world's largest, most dangerous beast.

GENRE: Drama/Horror
LOGLINE: The loneliest man in the world finds keeping an escaped zombie for company is better than stewing in his own solitude but how long can he keep the zombie a secret?

GENRE: Supernatural/Comedy
LOGLINE: Four Sorority pledges accidentally burn down their house and with only a week before the "Best Home on the Row" competition, they're forced to renovate the Haunted House at the end of the street.

GENRE: Horror
TITLE: Fetalgeist
LOGLINE: A pro-life student group finds itself trapped inside a long since abandoned yet very much haunted abortion clinic.

GENRE: Drama/Thriller
TITLE: The Accidental Lawyer
LOGLINE: During his first week on the job at a prestigious law firm, a lazy unmotivated associate uncovers a deadly secret involving the firm's largest client, which just happens to be his father's multi-billion dollar company.

TITLE: On This Day In History
LOGLINE: History knows him by his alias, D.B. Cooper - the only person to ever successfully highjack a commercial airliner - but whether history will know him as someone else - depends on whether he can prevent terrorists from highjacking four planes on a fateful September day in 2001?

GENRE: Heist Movie
TITLE: The Inside Job
LOGLINE: To save a sick little girl, a master thief must team up with his doctor ex-girlfriend to steal stem cells from a vicious mobster who can't know he's had surgery.

GENRE: Science-fiction thriller
TITLE: Coyote
LOGLINE: As the Mexican drug war spreads north, a desperate US government unleashes a covert team of militarized vampires to hunt down all illegal border crossers. Now, a dutiful Arizona Border Agent caught in the crossfire is forced to follow her conscience and ferry a young migrant to safety before they're both hunted down and bled dry.

GENRE: Horror/Thriller
LOGLINE: When a wayward teen discovers her mother was murdered by a cult 18 years ago, she finds herself in a race to learn the truth before she becomes their next sacrifice.

GENRE: Action/Thriller
TITLE: Freedom, N.H.
LOGLINE: When a married couple desperate to escape their mysterious past witness a roadside murder, they must rely on their own dangerous skills and unstable new alliances to survive an explosive small town war.

GENRE: Thriller
TITLE: Please Be My Predator
LOGLINE: A fugitive President takes refuge in a family’s farm, demanding they care for him until his military supporters arrive, but with a reward for his capture the family will do whatver it takes to cash in.

GENRE: supernatural thriller
LOGLINE: When Thomas Edison and his young assistant investigate a haunted mansion, they must use his secret ghost machine to unravel an age-old mystery before they fall prey to a sinister entity.

GENRE: Family
TITLE: Puppy Kindergarten
LOGLINE: After a recently divorced dad adopts a puppy to win his kids' affections, his competitive neighbor also adopts a puppy, igniting a feud when they enroll in the same Puppy Kindergarten class.

Genre: Commercial Comedy
Title: Psychic Hotline
Logline: A rag-tag group of small-town friends set out to kidnap a New York City psychic they believe wrongly predicted in-group infidelity.

GENRE: Western/Thriller
TITLE: The Wake
LOGLINE: After seven shadowy men kill him and kidnap his wife, a volatile sheriff strikes a deal with the Devil to return to Earth and mete out revenge - only to find himself facing down his own evils as he discovers that justice isn't as straightforward as he thought.

GENRE: drama/mystery/horror-lite
TITLE: Resurrection
LOGLINE: A couple's deteriorating marriage is further tested by the arrival of a mysterious young boy who bears a strong resemblance to their long-lost son.

LOGLINE: Frank Donnelly is living the dream: he's a playboy running a message parlor offering "full service" treatment for his beautiful clients. All is well until his world comes crashing down when he learns he has a rare disorder - if he has sex one more time - he will die!

GENRE: Adventure
TITLE: Untitled Sea Monster Movie
LOGLINE: A mathematician with a phobia of the sea and a marine biologist with something to prove have to travel into a treacherous stretch of the Atlantic Ocean to uncover why entire ships are being lost to rogue waves and the population of blue whales are going extinct, where they realise that none of their theories or models could predict the cause had come from the age-old depths of the ocean itself.

GENRE: Romantic comedy
TITLE: License to Carry
LOGLINE: A child-averse pastry chef must dissuade his fiancée from having children in order to save their relationship.

GENRE: Dark Comedy
TITLE: Eugene's Hotline
LOGLINE: After his best friend seemingly commits suicide, a self-centered pleasure hound convinces his equally selfish friends to start a depression hotline ... little do they know, they're entering a world of deadly competition.

GENRE: Comedy
TITLE: Why I Hate Dogs, A Love Story
LOGLINE: The failed son and only child of a wealthy family, comes home after his father passes and is forced take care of the family dog to get his inheritance.

GENRE: Horror (Realism ala "Carrie")
TITLE: Deafo
LOGLINE: In a town torn apart by enforced pit closures, a deaf teenage loner sets out on a dark journey of violent revenge against everyone who has ever wronged him

GENRE: Drama
TITLE: Untitled Drama
LOGLINE: A troubled Cupid-like figure gets snared in a love triangle with the woman he meant to set up.

P.S. If you are one of the many jilted and angry readers who didn't get picked and sent me an e-mail about it, feel free to post your logline here and either get your revenge ("Carson, why didn't you pick this??") or be informed by the savvy Scriptshadow Commenters on why it didn't make the cut.