Thursday, December 1, 2011

"All You Need Is Kill" Getting Made with Tom Cruise

Readers Rejoice, your Top 25 script (at #16) is getting made.  Seems Mr. Cruise can't get himself enough Scripthshadow.  "What??!" Tom Cruise is said to have screamed while leaping off his couch.  "Scriptshadow Nation has voted this their 16th favorite script??  What are we waiting for!  Let's make it!"  Doug Liman is still directing.  I've read the script (about a young soldier on an alien planet forced to fight an impossible battle against an alien force every single day as if the previous day didn’t exist. In doing so, he becomes an ultimate warrior) and it's absolutely INSANE.  I have no idea how the hell they're going to pull it off. Cruise's character will be literally battling hundreds (thousands even?) of aliens at a time.  It's the most ambitious sci-fi movie to be produced in the last decade - even bigger than Avatar I think (if they stick to the script).  And it's got a fun little catchy hook with each day repeating itself.  Should be a blast.