Friday, November 20, 2009

Scriptshadow in This Month's "Wired"

As some of you have been discovering, there's an article in this month's "Wired" about Scriptshadow. Pretty darn exciting, huh!? I don't know what else to say other than I've been reading Wired for like 10 years so it's downright cool as hell that anything I've done would make it into the magazine. Want to thank Scott Brown, the writer of the article, for contacting me and asking me to do it. So, needless to say, go out and buy f'ing Wired!

P.S. If you're showing up to Scriptshadow for the first time from the Wired article, you may want to check out the Reader Top 25 thread, which links to a lot of the best scripts reviewed on the site. Also, here are some of the more popular reviews (for one reason or another) from the site...

1) Memoirs
2) Moneyball
3) The Social Network
4) Black Swan
5) Dogs of Babel
6) The Muppet Man