Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Which Script Should I Read For Amateur Friday" Part 3

You guys asked for it.  After Saturday's "Which Script Should I Read" post and yesterday's script links to the Top 3 scripts post, I've decided to post three more runner-up links. You don't have to read the whole scripts of course.  Just check out the first 10 pages and let me know if any of them make you want to read further.  I'm getting a few nudges here and there that Zombie Knights is pretty good.  So maybe check out that one first.  Enjoy...

Zombie Knights - Action/horror
A war-battered knight returns from the Crusades to find his homeland terrorized by victims of a lethal fever who rise from the dead, hungry for human flesh. Sir Thomas shepherds survivors to the Castle Bridgenorth, where he leads a war of attrition against an army of the undead – even as he battles his own demons.

Hail Mary - Action/Revenge
A reformed hitwoman must return to the world of bullets and bloodshed she left behind to take on the organization she helped build, in order to avenge the death of her younger sister.

This Is Me Leaving – Dark Comedy
After landing an innocent woman in the hospital, a suicidal twenty-something winds up on a state-wide road trip delivering unique gifts to relative strangers in order to make amends.

Top 3 below

******WINNER - "Breathwork"*******
A man undergoing past-life regression therapy must find out the identity of a nemesis who’s killed him in his past lives... before he’s murdered again in his present life.
******WINNER - "Breathwork"******* 

Script link: Breathwork

****2nd Place - "Soundtrack"****
When a burgeoning composer hits his head he begins to hear his life’s soundtrack; a soundtrack that is prompting and pushing him back to his ex-fiancee. But will he follow the guidance of the music?
****2nd Place - "Soundtrack"****
Script Link: Soundtrack

**3rd Place - "Holy Alamogordo"**
Three friends reunite before a wedding and take a road trip to achieve their childhood goal - finding the millions of lost E.T. Atari cartridges buried in the sands of Alamogordo, NM.
**3rd Place - "Holy Alamogordo"**
Script Link: Holy Alamogordo