Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nicholl Finalists Revealed!

Yes, after many long hours of reading, the Nicholl finalists have been revealed.  First of all, congratulations! Are you on this list? I would love to check out these scripts myself, so feel free to send them my way. And best title of the list and possibly of the year definitely goes to: “Fig Hunt: The Quest for Battle Armor Star Captain.”

- Chris Bessounian & Tianna Langham, Los Angeles, Calif., “Guns and Saris”
- Dion Cook, Altus, Oklahoma, “Cutter”
- K.E. Greenberg, Los Angeles, Calif., “Blood Bound”
- Ehud Lavski, Tel Aviv, Israel, “Parasite”
- John MacInnes, Los Angeles, Calif., “Outside the Wire”
- Aaron Marshall, West Hollywood, Calif., “Fig Hunt: The Quest for Battle Armor Star Captain”
- Khurram Mozaffar, Lisle, Illinois, “A Man of Clay”
- Matthew Murphy, Culver City, Calif., “Unicorn”
- Abel Vang & Burlee Vang, Fresno, Calif., “The Tiger’s Child”
- Paul Vicknair & Chris Shafer, Los Angeles & Hermosa Beach, Calif., “A Many Splintered Thing”