Thursday, March 31, 2011

Support the Source!

First of all, shame on all you people who e-mailed me months ago telling me Source Code screenings had gone terribly and the movie was bad enough to go straight to video and you never understood why I loved the script in the first place .  The movie is playing like gangbusters for critics made all the more shocking by the fact that it's a sci-fi film! 

I'm just kidding of course.  Everybody has their own opinions and they're all valid.  But I'm excited as hell that a great script has transferred over to the big screen, because sometimes this shit gets screwed up.  And it goes to show you that an original idea stemming from a SPEC SALE can turn into a good movie.  So keep writing!  Next Thursday, I'm going to chronicle the changes made from that initial draft to what ended up onscreen and discuss how those changes helped or hurt the story.  So go see the film this weekend and support the Source.