Monday, January 10, 2011

What the hell happened to Paul Brickman, writer director of Risky Business???

I know this is a weird post, but I'm making a call out to all you Scriptshadow readers to answer a question I'm dying to know.  Last night I was watching Risky Business and realizing what a great movie it was.  Not only is the screenplay incredibly tight but the directing is unique and inventive and captivating - there's clearly a vision here.  The movie made Tom Cruise a star and yet the director ended up making like 3 more movies, none of which were very memorable, and then disappearing off the face of the earth.  It's so odd.  Outside of a post on Hollywood Elsewhere, there's no information on Brickman whatsoever.  Do any of you know what happened to this guy?  I'm dying to find out something - anything.