Friday, October 1, 2010

Script News - From Around the Web

 Well, I guess the big news today is that Scriptshadow script favorite, "The Social Network," is opening.  The movie, based in part on the book, The Accidental Billionaires, is a total mystery when it comes to its box office potential.  The guys over at Slash Film were saying that all their normal non-movie friends had absolutely zero interest in seeing this film, which makes me wonder if anyone outside the Hollywood community has any interest in it.  For that reason, I predict a box office take of anywhere between 10-25 million.  It's that wide open.

One of my favorite screenwriters, Michael R. Perry, who wrote Scriptshadow Top 25 and Blacklist Buster, "The Voices," is also the screenwriter of the Paranormal Activity sequel, aptly titled Paranormal Activity 2.  I don't know if it was his choice or not, but I love that they're setting it in the same house with new occupants.  Sure this is a cash grab (all horror sequels are) but I like that there's some connection to the last one. And hey, this trailer is pretty spooky.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Ron Howard wants to direct Jodie Foster in an adaptation of the book, "My Stroke of Insight," written by Jill Bolte Taylor.  The real-life tale is about a brain surgeon trying to rehabilitate herself after a stroke.  This sounds like big time Oscar bait, but just from a screenwriting perspective, I love the irony inherent in the logline (ironic loglines tend to work best!) Semi Chellas, who's done some TV writing and a few tiny movies, is writing the script.

Slash Film is reporting that a new take on The Great Gatsby is a possibility with Baz Luhrman potentially directing Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby McGuire and Amanda Seigfried. DiCaprio, of course, would play Gatsby and McGuire would play Carraway.  I remember watching the last adaptation with Robert Redford and after starting out great, the movie kinda fizzles into period piece boringness.  However I reread the book a few years ago and it definitely holds up.  Luhrman is said to be deciding between this and a musical.  I think if DiCaprio was really that interested, Luhrman wouldn't be "deciding" anything. 

Ryan Gosling continues to choose great scripts, as he's tapped to star in Farragut North, a 2007 (I believe) Black List script I reviewed a while back.  The script is really good, but I thought it would be axed after Obama became president (I can't remember why, but when I read it, I remember thinking, "They can't do this anymore.")  Hmm, maybe I'm wrong.  George Clooney is directing. 

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is said to be developing a sci-fi flick called Earth Defense Force. I'm not sure I like where he's going with the tone (he says it's Top Gun mixed with Independence Day) but he's working with District 9 producer Bill Block, so I'm definitely intrigued.  If you have this script, please send it my way! (As a side note, does anybody really believe this news that Will Smith has signed on for two Independence Day sequels?  I know the deal's supposedly done but I just can't fathom why he would go back to that universe)

Finally, I'm still looking for JJ Abrahms' "Alcatraz" pilot.  I know it's bouncing around out there somewhere.  So if you have it, send it my way!