Wednesday, September 29, 2010

News - Pre-Release of Monsters is out.

It looks like this is where the movie world is headed.  It started with Steven Soderbergh's Bubble a few years ago but this week two movies have hit the video release market before or during the time they're being released in theaters.

The first is the movie Slash-Film has been gushing over for months now, Monsters, where this director shot the movie across three continents for like five thousand bucks or something ridiculous like that.  It hits theaters October 29th but is available direct-to-download now for ten bucks. I'm going to be watching it later this week and then throw up a sort of movie-as-script review on the weekend.

The other is the now infamous "I'm Still Here," the Joaquin Phoenix mocumentary, shockumentary, weirdumentary which is taking a more illogical (and in a strange way, more appropriate) path by releasing the film on DVD at the same time it's appearing in theaters for a heftier than usual price tag.  Don't know if I'm going to see that one, but I do think it's interesting that this is the direction movies are going.  Will you pay a premium to see movies early?