Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scriptshadow Readers Lost Finale Talkback

I would say, in order to stay with the theme of the site, that you're only allowed to talk about the Lost finale in relation to writing, but we all know how good that's going to go over. So I expect all the usual criticisms about 10,000 mysteries and no answers and people who've only seen a few episodes blasting it for how terrible it is. And I can live with that. But I will say this. Ending a series like Lost has to be one of the biggest challenges in the history of writing...ever!

Now I'm not going to watch the episode until later tonight when it becomes available online (I don't have ABC - don't even ask). So I won't be leaving my impressions about the show until later tomorrow probably (Monday). But for now, feel free to have at it. Was the Lost finale all you had hoped for?

EDIT: Lost Finale Thought (spoilers)

Wow, I have to say, the finale was pretty damn incredible. I'm a little too emotionally beat to get into a rational discussion about it, but I will say this. They made a really smart choice and a choice that's a great lesson for all writers out there who are writing endings to their scripts. The finale was entirely character-driven. It was a bright move to deal with all the major secrets in the pre-finale episodes. Because the truth is, there wasn't any major plot twist or revelation that would satisfy us. It was all about these characters coming to terms with themselves, exorcising their demons, and ending their journey. That's why the episode was so awesome.

And as far as the one "revelation" (I put it in quotes because it's been pretty clear that it would be something *like* that for awhile), I thought it worked perfectly. There was something about the way his dad worded it that captured the imagination. He didn't say "heaven" or "an alternate universe." He said, "A place you guys built so you could find each other." I don't know why. That just made perfect sense to me.

And the final image was wonderful, with Jack lying in the bamboo field, just like in the opening episode, and Vincent coming over , like in the first episode, so he didn't have to die alone. I thought it was a series of strong choices. Probably my favorite episode of the series, right up there with the pilot, Walkabout, and The Constant. A great way to end a great series. :)