Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Money Week!

When you get into the all time top-selling scripts, there are some discrepancies as to the actual order. That's because numbers have been distorted through the years and there are provisions attached to some of the numbers. For example, I guess Steinbeck's Point Of View is the biggest sale of all time at 6.5 million, but something like two million of that was provisional, based on the script going into production, and three million of that included potential future deals? M. Night was paid in the vicinity of 7.5 million for The Village (yeah, I know) but a good portion of that was his directing fee. The number one top selling spec (not including inflation) of all time seems to be Deja Vu, which sold for 5 million dollars. Surprisingly, there are only about 30 scripts that have sold for 2 million dollars or more, and a lot of them have been turned into movies, leaving me with less choices than I'd like, and forcing me to dip into the scripts that "only" sold for like a million dollars. Pft.

Now we've reviewed big-selling specs before. We did a week last year where we reviewed the top selling specs of 2008. Here are those five reviews...

The Low Dweller
Pierre Pierre
The Long Run
Wedding Banned
Dan Minter: Badass For Hire

We've also reviewed million dollar seller The Cheese Stands Alone and 2 million dollar sale River Road (The Cross). I haven't been able to get my hands on some older unproduced specs though, so if you have Bad Dog (3 mil), Alpha (1.5), The Worst Man (2.5), The Arrangement (2 mil), or Vito (2 mil), please e-mail them to me and maybe we can do a second week of this in the near future.

We're going to start out with one of the monster spec sale's little brothers. "Smoke and Mirrors" brought in the eensy teensy amount of just one million dollars, but for those who remember, this was a heavily coveted script whose bidding war made headlines. So scroll down and check out Roger's review. It definitely kicks Big Money Week off with a bang.